On August 19th & 20th, Sue Pallotta and Karin Davis Dressage facilitated a fantastic weekend of learning for both riders and spectators alike, with a dressage clinic with Lee Tubman at Blue Star Farm in Mount Albert, ON.

Encouraging support and the love of dressage from the grass roots up to the top levels, Davis Dressage is working inject more excitement within the sport with riders of all ages, levels and disciplines.

The two day clinic boasted a selection of talented horses and riders of various levels, including Karin’s mount Morris, the Grand Prix Friesian stallion with the dreamy hair! A very delicious lunch was sponsored both days for pre-registered auditors and riders, and door prizes and giveaways were graciously received by everyone. It was a tremendously unique exciting weekend for all who attended!

As always, this sport could not be as successful as it is without the kindness and generosity of our sponsors and volunteers:

– to Blue Star Farm for once again hosting our local dressage talent and allowing us to use your facility!
– to Lee Tubman for coming for the weekend to help progress the learning of all the horses, riders and auditors
– to Karin Davis and Sue Pallotta for putting the hard work into organizing the weekend
Рa HUGE thank you to Fit My Saddle РGenevieve Kendall-Hayes and to Kristi Newman for the sponsored lunches!
– Patrick Lyver from Kleurvision/KVGO
– The Great Blue Heron Charity Casino
– Jody from The Ridges Tack Shop
– Canadian Custom Browbands
– York Equestrian Factory Outlet
– FUN Bonnets 4 ‘ur Nag

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! We could not have had the success we did without all your support!