Karin Davis

International FEI Grand Prix Dressage Rider & Trainer

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Karin fell in love with horses “the day she was born” and has enjoyed a life-long passion ever since. She received her first horse on her 12th birthday and from there trained and competed until she was ranked sixth in the country and had become the first Australian to win an International Grand Prix on her horse, Mighty Heights, in New Zealand in 2002. Before moving to Canada in 2004, Karin successfully competed in the highest levels of Dressage, she was also a highly sought after coach for both Dressage and Eventing and an accredited A level judge, qualified to judge up to and including Grand Prix.

Take Your Riding to Mighty Heights

Karin has enjoyed competitive success with a number of horses throughout the years. Her equine partners have included Mighty Heights (GP), Cairo (PSG/Int1) and Hilton GS (PSG). Her current mounts include, the beautiful Friesian stallion, Morris (owned by Willem Hellema) and Rhys HHF (owned by Karin Davis), a 5 yr old Hanoverian gelding. Karin and Morris have competed Internationally at the Small Tour (PSG/Int 1) for the past 4 years, and competed for the Australian team at the 2014 Nations Cup in Wellington, Florida. Rhys HHF is currently schooling 3rd level and Karin has set her sights on showing him in 2017.

Karin’s dedication to the sport of Dressage is unmatched by anyone in this area. Her daily life revolves around coaching, training and supporting dressage. She attends every dressage show in this area from bronze to gold level, and it is not unusual for Karin to have multiple students competing at the various levels at the same show, from the basic walk/trot tests right up to the Grand Prix.

Well-known for developing Junior and Young Riders, Karin has coached a number of Juniors and Young Riders to positions on the national teams representing Canada at the North American Junior and Young Rider Championships. Karin also provides dressage instruction for many of our local Eventing enthusiasts including 2012 Olympic contender Michelle Mueller.

Karin makes showing a positive and delightful experience, she supports her students from the time they arrive at the show grounds until the time they go home. All of her students come well prepared to shows and they are coached on more than just riding, her instruction includes, horse care, show turnout, test accuracy, horse show etiquette, rider nervousness, and respect for the show grounds, organizers and judges.

Aside from coaching at shows, Karin provides regular instruction to a myriad of students, some just enjoy learning and improving their riding skills while others are practicing and preparing for their next event. Whatever goals the rider may have, Karin will be sure to help that person achieve them.

Karin is certainly helping the grassroots of Dressage in our area, by encouraging, teaching and mentoring our local riders, she is an inspiration to all.

Contact Karin today to talk about how she can help you achieve your goals, and take your riding to Mighty Heights!

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