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2017 has been an active year so far for the riders at KDD. Busy with lessons for riders of all levels, Karin has been working hard all winter with recreational riders, competitive dressage riders, eventers and riders from other disciplines who are getting their feet wet and doing some cross training in the world of dressage.

The 2017 winter began with many clinics – both facilitated by Karin, and also participating in them herself – and her riders have worked hard to begin the show season off.

The Ontario circuit has had Karin’s riders showing at the Royal Canadian Riding Academy in Newmarket bronze shows, as well as the first Blue Star Farm first bronze show in Mount Albert.

Between her clients, clinics, shows and her dogs, 2017 has been keeping Karin busy! Stay tuned for results from the first Cornerstone Dressage show at Palgrave later this month!


Alison Lyver & Godiva – RCRA April 2017 Photo: P.aniemoniam Graphics